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My Ex With My Wife’s Little Bro

My wife took our son, Tolu from church to Beach and her brother followed them, she called me to meet them there and on entry i saw my Ex hugging his bf. Immediately she sight me she was hugging him more.

When i got there the guy prostrate to greet me and she was surprised?.

The guy she is hugging is my wife younger brother. I was so happy and i said to the guy in yoruba “Gboyega, aunty e nko?” And he replied she was the one that bought all this things, she took Tolu to ride “Indoor Horse”.

Now, am waiting for my wife to come explain some things…Waiting for her to come and explain how she is going to refund my money she used to buy this wine, snacks and meat for Strangers and whose car her brother and his aged Gf will be taking home.