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Moments When my baby’s life was not priority

On this day 8 months ago I was fine and carrying a 25 week bump gracefully. I had a good pregnancy, the only complaint from my Dr was my “old age”. Next day by 8pm, I had just finished a bowl of porridge yam when I felt “wet”. I thought I peed on myself, went to the bathroom and discovered I was bleeding. We dialed 911 and that evening started the most terrifying journey of my life.

I got to the hospital, God bless the paramedics. An ultrasound showed I had a total placenta abruption. The rush started to save my life. The baby’s life was not priority. I was bleeding profusely. I said a prayer, told God to accept my soul if this was the end. The drs told me they would do their best for the baby but because she was only 25weeks old, they didn’t have the facility to care for her there. They had a level II NICU. If the baby makes it, she would have to be airlifted to a level IV NICU (4).

11.48 pm, I gave birth to a baby girl at 25 weeks 4 days. Sh weighed 748grams. She was the tiniest human I had ever seen. When they showed her to me, I kept asking “where is she”

They tried intubating her 9 times before they got it right. Her vocal chord was damaged in the process. The travel team came to airlift her to another province but told me they were not sure she would make the flight. She was very fragile. It was a 2hours flight. Those were the longest 2hours of my life. I cried and cried. I prayed till I had not words to pray. I was in agony. I had no power to make things right. I knew this was all in God’s hands. The call came, she made it.

Next day I was airlifted to join her. Everything looked like a movie. Been in a ambulance, wheeled on a stretcher into an air ambulance. Wow. Mid air my oxygen saturation dropped and they had to put me on Oxygen. Oh boy, nothing like a good medical facilty. The NICU journey is not one you would wish on anyone. It drains you emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and all the “allys” you can think of. The uncertainty that lies ahead tears at every shred of strength you have. The nurses call it a “rollercoaster period”. I sat helplessly watching my baby in the isolette, I watched through everytime her heartbeat drops and I couldn’t do anything. I would cry everytime, I cried till I would start hyperventilating. If there was a crying competition, I would have been the winner with no opposition.

One day, the nurses asked me if I would like to hold her. I was so scared of holding her, I was scared of hurting this tiny baby God gave me.I kept asking them if it was safe. I finally held her, it was a beautiful moment. I held my baby and prayed. Begged God to please save her.

I knew I could do nothing for her and so I went to who could do everything for her. Everytime her heartbeat will drop, I will talk to God begging him to help her. I leaned totally on God. Nathaniel Bassey’s song was my go to song. I would listen to the songs, cry and pray.

I drew close to God. I would soak in every scripture. I would pray without words. You know those kind of prayers where you are praying but not with words? Now I understood how Hannah prayed. I would lean on every prophesy. God comforted me. He gave me a word From her 748grams weight, she grew. She got to 1kg and I danced. The first time she wore clothes, I jumped round the hospital room. When you have a preemie, you learn to celebrate every tiny bit.

Her first bath, I was smiling like I just won 10million dollars. I celebrated her poo, her urination, taking 1ml of milk. The first day I heard her cry, I was extremely happy. I kept telling her to cry more. Allow me hear your cry. Cry baby, cryyyyyyy. I even recorded her cry.

The medical challenges she went through. Oh my God. 9 initial intubation trial, A PDA which closed. PDA is like an unclosed valve in the heart. NEC (perforation of the intestine), 8 blood transfusions, she was on a ventilator and also had chronic lung disease. My baby kept growing. She fought and won. God was with us the entire journey. My favourite Bible verse was John 11 vs 4, When he heard this, Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it”. I prayed this

108 days in the NICU and we were disxharged. God, my joy knew no bounds. The nurses were so happy for us. One said, Ivy that God you prayed to really watched over Elo.

I promised God that I would share her testimony every opportunity I get. I just came to Twitter to follow up on Bbnaija & remembered I had not shared this testimony here. Her name Eloghosa which was chosen before her birth means “It is not hard for God”. God knew what was ahead

I will also want to thank my GTA and Life in Canada what’s app group members. Those people are helpers. They opened a GoFundMe me then and shared it everywhere. One paid for the apartment I had to rent in the new province. We got helped. We got covered. Nigerians una dey try.

Today, Eloghosa is breaking grounds and meeting milestones. Her vocal chords have healed. When challenges comes, she jumps over like a champ. Her drs are amazed at her progress. She is presently above 8kg.


SOURCE: https://twitter.com/IvyOrji/status/1311300432761745408?s=19